Our Staff

Mike Ford, Campus Minister

mike.ford@ruf.org | 636.233.2575

Deanna (my sweet wife) and I grew up 6 miles from each other in a suburb of St. Louis, MO, but did not meet until attending the University of Missouri (BA ’09). Before that, I played football at Wheaton College for two years, broke my ankle, and transferred to the University of Missouri where I played (intramural) football for three more years. While at Mizzou, Deanna and I were both convinced of our need for Jesus in college and RUF helped us learn what it means to follow Jesus on the college campus and in the local church (which is why we’re excited to be doing college ministry!). 

After interning with RUF at UGA, Deanna and I brought our son, Luke (2011), back to St. Louis where I graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary (MDiv ’15). While there, we had two more children: Eleanor (2014) and Peter (2015) – each of whom looks eerily similar to Luke. I love reading George MacDonald and Flannery O’Connor, playing pick up basketball, and I secretly enjoy the movie Frozen (any musical, really). Team Ford enjoys drinking hot coffee (emphasis on "hot" people!), eating dinner, going on walks after dinner, throwing balls in the house, and doing anything outdoors.

We are excited to call Arkansas home! Woo pig sooie!

James Post, Staff

james.post@ruf.org | 256.698.6343

James graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Auburn University in December of 2016, but his real passion (besides telling and laughing at jokes that aren't funny) is RUF. As a child he didn't go outside nearly as much as a child is "supposed" to, instead developing a life-long love of reading and writing. Along the way Jesus was kind enough to show James that he loved him, in spite of the fact that he had never done (and will never do) anything to deserve it. James still enjoys reading (especially C. S. Lewis), writing (especially about esoteric irrelevant minutia), talking (especially about feelings), and singing (especially Les Mis), and in recent years has even come to enjoy the fact that he is simply the least athletic person on the planet.