Getting Together!

Getting Together!


As the Campus Minister, a large part of my day involves meeting with students. This can be with just me and you or with a couple of your close friends (usually coffee or lunch - and I even buy the 1st time!). Also, RUF Arkansas also just had Carrie Jussely join our team! Additionally, RUF student leaders - both male and female - want to meet with you as well!

This allows you to discuss - in a safe place - some things on your mind you wish to process. We can discuss relationships, family, the gospel, majors, your sorority, Razorback football, boardgames, etc. Because we believe the gospel influences every aspect of life, then I'm here to help you navigate all these areas. If you want to get together, please text or email me! My wife, Deanna, takes care of our 3 beautiful children (I'm biased), but would also love to meet with you!

Deanna Ford | 636.634.6211 

Mike Ford, Campus Minister | 636.233.2575 |

James Post, Staff | 256.698.6343 |